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March 15, 2018 - This auction will begin closing at 7pm.

Item Description
1.Watercolor. 19x23
2.watercolor. 25x20
3.metal propeller.
4.Vintage DeJur camera
5.Pair of vintage drying racks
6.Double canvas. 27x23
7.Large collection of DVDs and video games
9.Vintage earrings
10.Japanese lidded jar.
11.Oil lamp. Electrified.
12.Black handbag. Designer Sondra Roberts.
13.Kingfisher in Winter by Fumo
14.Wooden wall clock
15.Green ceramic vase
16.Pink depression glass platter-13.5"
17.Tractor seat
18.Metal pitcher
19.Wooden wall clock
20.Batman comics
21.Vintage books
22.BP and Hess trucks
24.Owl book ends
25.Flower pens and cup
26.Box of doorknobs.
27.Mid Century Modern office supplies. Metal
28.Assorted frames
29.Blue handbag. Chinese Laundry
30.Vintage Ice cream maker
31.Ceiling fan
32.Vintage Wood Napkin rings
33.Victoria Radio
35.Silver quarters 1906, 1934, 1942 and buffalo pennies
37.Texaco truck
39.Earforce gaming headphones
41.Evergreen timing kit
42.12 AMP motor handsaw
43.Pier 1 Green serving dishes
44.Vintage tin
45.Assorted coins
46.Asian drawing. 15x15
48.Stoneware bundt pan
49.Metal box
50.3 ring hole punch and answering machine
51.Ceramic rabbit
52.Record holder and records
53.Sterling&Noble wall clock
54.Vintage books
55.Sterling overlay vase and gold trimmed dish
56.New Digital picture frame
57.Large Chinese fan
58.Vintage books
59.World Progress magazines
60.Staffordshire ceramic flower box
61.Painted jar
62.White house Christmas ornament, framed. 1998
63.Assorted glassware
65.Vintage decanter with a wood stopper
67.Pittsburgh superbowl plaque
68.Huge brandy snifter
69.Calculator and office supplies
70.B&G blue ceramic Christmas plates
71.Marble cheese server
72.Golf clubs
73.Baseball cards
74.Huge quantity of wine glasses
75.Art glass
77.Giani Bernini handbag
78.Baseball cards
79.Glass pitcher and cups
80.Talavera dishes and hand towels.
82.Dynaliner Insulation
83.Assorted records
84.Assorted coins
85.Proof set 1983
86.Santa figure, Christmas tree wine stopper, and more
89.Proof set
90.1973 Proof Set
91.Jar of seashells and Ty mickey mouse
92.Table runner, napkins, and chair cushions
93.Portable electronic light up mirror
94.Vintage Pyrex etched pitcher and glass set
95.Blue and white cups and bowl
96.Vintage police car
97.Mirrored cabinets
98.Assorted VHS tapes
99.Painted dishes
100.flower holder and soap dish
101.Group of table cloths
102.Tartan blankets
103.Decorative fishing net
105.Floral 30x20"
106.Vintage sewing and iron
107.Metal spitoon. Made in England
108.Brown drip one cup teapot
110.Vintage lady and frame
111.Sailor 30x26"
112.Serving Pieces
113.Asian cream and sugar bowls
115.Wooden bowls
116.Vintage cookie presses
117.Yellow dishes
118.Old glass apocathary bottles
119.Asian porcelain covered bowls and saucers
120.Vintage mosaic vase.
121.Vintage sheets and blanket
122.Cobalt blue platter, and more.
124.Ceramic floral vase
125.Vintage syrup dispensers, pitcher, and measuring cup
126.Italian covered tea cup with strainer.
127.Vintage matchbox case and ashtray
128.Metal basket
129.New copper pans
130.Bathroom ware
131.Wooden carved coasters and holder
132.Landscape 42x31"
134.Duvet set
135.Ann Mount Landscape
136.Mid Century Modern wooden bowls and flour sifter
140.Gorgeous dish set
141.Mid Century Modern blanket
142.Pier 1 Easter figures
143.Vintage dish set
145.Decorative flowers and basket
147.Wooden New England cook book
149.R.L. Harrison Co thermometer
150.Learning books
151.Banana split bowls
152.Lampshades and table runner
153.Lecture stand
154.Shelf system. Includes wall mounts, brackets, and shelves.
156.Blue vases
157.Italian table wine jug
159.Golf clubs
160.Wooden box
161.Black out curtains
162.Blue regulators
163.miniature dishes
164.Vintage Hershey Park Salt and pepper shaker
165.Ironing board
166.Kathy Van Zeeland gold handbag
167.Jessica Simpson leather handbag
168.Borca handbag
169.Tyler Rodan handbag
170.Hand punched, metal jewelry box made in India.
171.Tennis rackets
172.Blender, crock pot, and mini fridge
173.US President's Coin Collection. Two Volumes
174.Vintage sewing boxes
175.Anagram board game
176.Christmas figurines
177.South American Blanket
178.New sheets
179.Grinch cassette tape and jigsaw book
180.Pink pocketbook
182.Vintage metal knife from Alaska
183.Nylon Guitar strings
184.vases & pitcher
187.Assorted frames
188.Auto parts portable washer/cleaner
189.Latch hook kit
190.Vintage trunk
191.Fireplace set
192.Standing lamp
193.Rug 9 5.5"x2 2.5"
195.Necklace and charms. Charms can also be worn as pins.
197.Vintage beaded clips made in France
198.Cuff links
200.bracelets and rings
201.Floral 22.5x18.5
202.Vintage travel case with stamps
204.Rain boots size 11
205.Vintage christmas tree stand
207.S'mores makers
210.Milwaukee Drill set
211.Wicker tray
214.Rug 64x47
215.Aurora Borealis necklace
216.Baby stroller with extra cup-holder
218.Office supplies
219.Toolbox set
220.Stairway basket
221.metal plate rack
223.Large fish
224.Decorative flowers and figures
225.Glass decanters and candle holders
226.Mikasa Crystal champagne flutes
228.Large metal shelf
229.Razor scooter
230.Shower curtain and hooks
231.Jewelry boxes
232.Enamel bowl
235.Fabulous Mid Century Modern lamps
237.Large Centerpiece
238.Fabulous tall metal figurines. Look French
239.Wine and cheese basket
241.Vintage High chair
243.Wicker rocker
244.Vintage pail and shovels
245.Vintage Mickey toy
246.Vintage army toys
247.Vintage corvette model car
248.Donald Duck vintage talking toy
249.Vintage toys
250.Collectible spoons
251.Chest of drawers
252.Side table
254.Side table
255.Side table
256.Leaning wall Shelf. Anchors into the wall on the top.
257.Chest of drawers
258.Large armchair--1 of 2
259.Large armchair--1 of 2
261.Buffet/server with wine rack and slate top. Matches 534
263.Headboard, side table, and chest of drawers
265.Fold up chairs
266.Table with fold up legs
267.Side tables
269.Pair of outdoor chairs
270.Hall/sofa Table
271.Sets of chairs
272.Metal bar stool
273.Quilt with hanging rack
274.Sea bird
275.Metal wall hanging. 28x20
276.Outdoor side table
278.Storage bench
279.Office chair
280.Vintage wooden chair
281.TV stand
282.Standing lamp
283.Rug. Was hung on a wall and never walked on. 90x60
284.Table with drawers
285.Vintage glider
286.Vintage kids toys
287.Vintage stocking dryer
288.Vintage wall soap dish
289.Homer Laughlin dish set
290.Carnival glass dessert cups
292.Checkered bag with party decorations
293.Leather handbag
296.Treviso handbag
297.Copa Collection handbag
299.Liz Clairborne handbag
300.Tiganelle handbag
301.Mid Century Modern Lamps
305.Longaberger basket
306.Tall Longaberger Basket
307.Mid Century Modern champagne bucket
308.Wrapping paper
309.Floral 18x23
310.Floral 41x14
311.Vera Bradley handbag
312.Vera Bradley handbag
313.Aqua Lung wetsuit
314.Tilos wetsuit
316.tray stand
317.Black and Decker jigsaw
318.Side table
319.Razor scooter
320.Walking canes
321.Decanter and glasses
322.Craftsman Cordless screwdriver
325.Group of scarves
326.Cast iron molds-three
327.Recipe box
328.Russel Wright dishes
329.Vintage batman toy
330.Vintage viewfinder
331.Battery operated candles
332.Bar ware
333.Numble board game
334.Corningware Dishes
335.Mid Century Modern Chip and Dip
336.Hanging lamps
337.Mid Century Modern Drink Caddy
338.Glass decanter and glasses
339.Leather gloves and purse
340.Stylesetter Decanter and glasses
342.Glass sugar and creamer
343.Fauvist underwater. Large- 33x44
347.Colors on canvas. 40x30
348.Floral. 23x19
350.Shells. 24x30
351.Covered tureen
352.Vintage cookie jar
353.carved box and bowl
354.Vintage blue phone
355.pair of tall lamps
356.Pair of tall lamps
358.Vintage typewriter
359.Vintage Typewriter
360.Wall shelf
361.Four vintage pressed glass bowls.
362.Roller Blades
363.Vintage Kodak Camera. Vigilant Junior Six-16
364.Vintage Bulova Clock
367.Metal shelf
368.Wood clock
369.Blazers NBA Barbie
370.76ers NBA Barbie
371.Charlotte Hornets NBA Barbie
372.Lakers NBA Barbie
373.University of Miami Barbie
374.Working Woman Barbie
375.Raptors NBA Barbie
376.Palm Tree. 11x13
377.Sailboats. 28x24
378.Flowers. 18x22
379.Floral 36.5x12
380.Floral 29x24
381.Chicken 11.5x11.5
382.Floral 29.5x24
383.Floral 20x28
384.Determination 22x28
385.Farm house. 23x29
386.School 28x23
387.Druid Point 33x32
388.Mirror 39.5x21
389.House 35x42
390.School 31x40
391.Van Gogh. 21x17
392.Van Gogh 21x17
393.Large mirror 42x29
394.Harbor 24x20
395.Water 25x30
396.Where Freedom Reigns. Limited Edition Print. 32x26.
397.Covered wagon. 30x38. A.F. Bellows
398.Metal wall hanging
399.Ice Skates.
400.Pair of large candle holders
401.Cobalt dishes
402.Miami Heat NBA Barbie
403.Gone with the Wind Barbie
404.Barbie and Kelly Bedtime Stories
405.Generation Girl Barbie
406.Cool Shoppin' Barbie
407.Barbie for President
408.Singing Sisters, Barbie, Stace, and Kelly
409.Cynthia Young (designer) Barbie
410.Romeo & Juliet Ken and Barbie
411.101 Dalmatians Barbie
412.Butterfly Art Barbie
413.Talk With Me Barbie
414.Star Splash Barbie
415.Swan Lake Barbie
416.Pilot Barbie
418.Vintage books
419.Wake Board
420.Wake board
421.Gold hoop earrings
422.Sterling heart
423.Sterling pendant
424.Sterling necklace.
425.Sterling ring, size 4
426.Sterling ring, 12
427.Sterling ring, 10.5
428.Sterling Ring
429.Sterling Ring size 5.5
430.Sterling Heart charm
431.Vintage electronics
432.CD player and storage
433.HP Photosmart C5550 printer
434.My Graduation Barbie 1887
435.My Graduation Barbie 2003
436.Cookie molds
437.Pair of wall shelves
438.Blue and white
439.Hope & Wish
442.Dill mix and serving crock
443.Workout DVD's
446.Disco ball and storage box
447.Trivial pursuit game
448.Throw pillows
449.Mid Century Modern trash can
450.mirrored closet system. Four wardrobes and two small upper units.
451.Sterling bracelet
453.Ceramic tea set
455.Blue plates
456.Miklasa Blue Tea Rose China
458.Russian folk art plate and spoon. Khokhloma
459.Mid Century Modern Pink sofa-1 of 2-20x95x33
462.Mirror etched-45x33
463.Desk with upper cabinet storage-52.5x41.5x19.5
464.Wooden table-24x24x12
465.Storage shelves
466.Table-1 of 2-16x32x32
468.Side table-26x18x14
469.Outdoor Rocking chair
471.Outdoor chairs
472.Decorative plant
473.Table-1 of 2
474.Mirror 305x445
475.Mid Century Modern Pink Sofa-1 of 2
476.Race track diorama
480.1991 Complete set of Baseball cards
482.Side Table
483.Exercise bike
484.Teak Mid Century Modern server/buffet/tv stand
485.metal rack
486.Teak Mid Century Modern Chairs. six
488.Mid Century Modern Chair. Spins
489.Teak Mid Century Modern Buffet/server
490.Storage stool
491.Mid Century Modern Chest of drawers
493.Outdoor table
494.Wire shelf
495.Rolling cart
496.Fold up chairs
497.Buffet/server. Very large
498.Arm chair
499.Side Table
500.Mid Century Modern Teak Dining Table
501.Decorative Christmas tree and house
502.Arm chair-1 of 2
503.Rug 84x60
504.Rug. 112x89
505.Rug. 89x60
506.Headboard, footboard, and rails.
509.Wooden bench made from a barrel
510.Three stools
511.Outdoor table and four chairs
513.Shleves-1 of 2
514.Mid Century Modern bench
515.Teak Mid Century Modern Bench. Per seller Danish, but no markings.
516.Teak. Five Mid Century Modern Chairs.
523.Plastic chair and cane
524.Wine bottle/towel holder
525.Pair of metal wall pockets. large
527.Pair of chairs
528.Dresser and Mirror
530.Mid Century Modern Desk
531.Gas grill and propane tank
532.Weight bench
534.Slate top dining table. Matches 261
535.Hose storage
536.Mid Century Modern Headboard, Footboard, and Rails.
537.Vintage kitchen table.
538.Pair of Mid Century Modern chairs
539.Ikea desk chair
541.brass lamp
544.Vintage Lantern
545.Vintage box
546.Four Green wine glasses
548.Insigna TV
549.Pair of lamp shades
550.Aerobic steps
551.Six quarters
552.Round Nativity candle holder
553.Lamp Shades
554.Vintage office chair
555.Figures, Lenox
556.Longaberger basket
557.Longaberger basket
558.Large green vase
559.Miniature tea set
560.Large Vintage tin
561.Large basket
562.Pair of ceiling lights
563.Longaberger Basket
564.1996 Baltimore Orioles Coke
565.South American rug
566.Etched wine glasses
567.Large metal stained glass mirror
569.Musical figure
570.Huge group of metal candelabras- perfect for a wedding or other celebration
571.Royal Coppenhagen
572.Reuge wood Hummel disc and two wood Hummel plates.
573.Bavarian dessert set.
574.Four pillows- two fringed, two satin
575.Blue Willow
576.Pair of framed shadow boxes
577.Pair of pressed glass goblets
578.Irish Coffee Mugs
579.Four etched brandy/dessert glasses
580.Vintage Cornwall Fondue Pot
581.Three Pitchers
582.Colored glass serving bowls
583.Longchamps Champagne glasses
584.Light up globe
585.Vintage pyrex
586.Vintage wood handled saw
587.Vintage santa
588.Vintage tools
589.Vintage Paris Champion sled
590.Bucket of tools
592.Metal fruit basket and wall hanging
593.Doll, and Basket of Doll Clothes
595.Whiskey pitcher and coasters
596.Racing Coat
597.Raggedy Ann and Andy
598.Vintage Christmas Train
599.Elephant planter/desk storage
600.Amber glass decanter
601.Ceiling light
602.Franklin Iron Works six light chandelier.
603.Six chairs to match lots 261 & 534. Gorgeous leather details.
604.Teak Mid Century Modern Dining Table and Three Leaves.

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